Posted: October 2, 2011 in INFO's

Swastika Fort Strategy Indians were great minds, and once again this proves that point. We all know the religious significance of Swastika in the Hinduism, but Swastika was an object which played an important role in the real lives of people  It actually originated as a blueprint for a fort “Su Vastu” from which its name “Su+astika” was amalgamated.

In the conventional type of a fort, the fall of one of the gates to the attacking army would lead to the Enemy’s pouring into the fort and lead to massacre or capture of all or most of its inhabitants. But under the Swastika grids fall of one of the four gates could still keep, at least three-fourths of the fort safe. Under such an arrangement it was difficult for an enemy to storm into all parts of the fort simultaneously. There are some historical references to forts built in the shape of a grid resembling the Swastika for defensive purposes.

  1. Sidharth says:

    yaarupa idulam research pannaradu? good info da cool..

  2. oombs says:

    thanks sid.. research by oombs admin team!

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