Who is APPATAKAR really?

Posted: November 6, 2011 in INFO's
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APPATAKAR  is the word which is regularly doing the rounds these days and is being often used in Tamil lingo, you would often hear people saying something like “Nee ena avalo periya Appatakar ah?”. So what does this word actually mean and what is the real reason for using it?.

FYI it actually refers to Amritlal Vithaldas Thakkar, popularly known as Thakkar Bapa, who was a famous social reformer and a spiritually sound man, The Government of India even issued a stamp in his honor in 1969. He was a very knowledgeable person and an expert in many fields, to such a level that he would promptly answer any question that was fired at him and Thakkar Bapa was popular in Madras(now Chennai) as APPA THAKKAR (there is also a school there by that name to tribute him).So if anyone was an expert in his field they jokingly called him Periya Appa Thakkar meaning “BIG APPA THAKKAR” and in due course it was made into APPATAKAR. Now we call a person Appatakar when he acts like a show-off.

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    semma info..

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  5. idhu theriyaama pala peru enna poi appatakkar nu solli irukkanga…. enakke siripu siripa varudhu

  6. Sathish Yadav says:

    Thanks man… 🙂

  7. Guna Sekar says:

    Finally someone had put some effort to trace the etymology of “Appatakar” !
    Good info, great share, thankx to blogosphere 🙂

  8. Sudharshan says:

    Many of them use this word without knowing it. Thanks for this post. Please try to find the mean of thillalangadi as well 🙂

  9. oombs says:

    Thanks for the support guys. Much more to come, STAY TUNED!

  10. Srikrishna G says:

    so this is where santhanam stole it from…finally…good job…

  11. Geo M Davis says:

    Took me months to find this out !!! Thank you !!

  12. very good info. everyone has to knw abt his info..

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    Nice story, thanks 🙂

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    Mr.Oombs neenga nejamave periya “Appatakkar” thaaan…lol

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    Thanks for revealing the mystery behind the word APPATAKKAR.

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    happa.. thanx a lot for posting the real meaning of APPATAKAR 😉

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    Aduthadhu GD Naidu pathium oru post potudunga boss.

  18. […] And to end on with a piece of trivia, here is one theory behind the origins of the word ‘Appatucker’. Yes it was widely circulated on Facebook, but for those who missed it then, here it is. […]

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