OC Service

Posted: November 21, 2011 in INFO's
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The word “OC” is used by almost everybody as a synonym for FREE by Tamil speaking folks. We know it’s not part of Tamil language, so how did it get into our vocab? Why was it used, what it actually stands for and how it started? The answer to all those questions is that, its origination actually dates back to the era of British East India Company in Madras(now Chennai); the word gets its present shape from “OCS” which meant ON COMPANY SERVICE. The parcels and letters sent by the British East India Company had OCS seals which meant that they were not to be charged for stamp and other duties, and it was widely used by the Indian Railways for their official parcels during that time. So whenever a parcel contained a OCS seal it was delivered for FREE without any additional charges. Consequently the letters OC Service was used in Tamil lingo to refer to anything which was given for free of cost, and has been used since then. The word has been popularly used in many contexts like “OC le kudutha phenyl kooda kudipan” and the list goes on. So the next time someone uses it, we know what OC really stands for.


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