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Tamil Lingo has a lot of words and abbreviations borrowed from English, and which are being used by us almost daily.  These words which were incorporated still retain a part of their original implication. Today we find the real ancestry behind the word K.D which we have time and again used while conversing. To start with, the term K.D is actually a residual word from the Macaulay-era (Governor General during the British East India Company rule in India). Known depredator / Known Dacoit (K.D.) is an Indian Penal Code slang meaning a general unsavoury character, and is a term which the Indian police used to classify criminals. A known depredator is a petty criminal who commits crimes such as robbery or housebreaking. Every police station maintained a list of known depredators (more commonly known as a KD list) as part of their station diary, and the practice still continues. Thus the abbreviation K.D was made into a word and entered our vocabulary, ever since it has often been used to light-heartedly describe people who act like criminals.