We are all aware of the controversial dismissal in the ongoing ODI series when Indian bowler R.Ashwin attempted to run-out Sri Lankan batsman Thirimane. Such type of run-outs are called Mankaded in cricket.The term ‘Mankaded’ is used when a bowler attempts to run-out a non-striking batsman before delivering the ball. As a bowler enters his delivery stride, the non-striking batsman usually leaves his popping crease and walks towards the other end of the wicket so that it will take him less time to reach the other end if he and his partner choose to attempt a run. Sometimes a batsman leaves the popping crease even before the bowler has actually delivered the ball. In such a case, bowler may attempt to run the non-striking batsman out. Getting a batsman out this way is generally considered to be against the spirit of the game as the non-striker usually accidentally leaves the crease. The history of such dismissals in first-class cricket goes back to the 19th century, but it is associated with Mankad since he was the first bowler to run a batsman out in this fashion in Test cricket.

The term was coined when Vinoo Mankad ran out Australia opener Bill Brown in the Sydney Test. It was the first such dismissal in Test cricket. And journalists and commentators world over glued to the term ‘Mankaded’ and started using it every time a bowler tried to run-out a non-striker who might have moved out of his crease accidentally, without any attention of stealing a run.


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