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rolexWhen asked to think of a high quality watch there are few people who wouldn’t instantly say Rolex, but have you ever wondered why Rolex watches are so expensive and what it exactly is that makes them so prestigious? Rolex began in 1905 in London and later moved to Switzerland. They have always produced high quality watches, many times making new innovations that kept them on top, but until the 1980’s they were nowhere near as expensive and notable as today. It was in this time that the “yuppie” movement began, which was a new class of young, wealthy people who began purchasing new flashy materials to display their wealth and new found status. When the yuppies began buying watches, all heads turned to Rolex, which in turn caused a massive price increase because of the demand. A Date Just Rolex model cost $900 in 1981 and by 1991 the price had sky rocketed to $2350 for the same model with minimal improvements. In fact there are several myths associated with Rolex that are not even true. One common misconception is that all Rolex watches are handmade.
Rolex watches are mass-produced by machines patented by Rolex that make around one million watches per year. Another common myth is that Rolex is more accurate, which would be great for them but sadly, it’s just as accurate as any other watch set correctly. In fact, what really makes Rolex so expensive is the name and the jewellery, not the watch itself.